2014 Pro Tour Qualifier seasons announced at Worlds

With a Worlds tournament in Amsterdam rolling on and a Top 8 field dominated by European nations, it's easy for American Magic players to feel discouraged. But at that same Worlds, we've gotten the first announcement of the Pro Tour Qualifiers for each of next year's Pro Tour seasons in the online stream.

To wit: Pro Tour Journey into Nyx's season will be December 7 through March 9, the format will be Standard Constructed, and the city of the PT will be Atlanta, Georgia. Pro Tour Magic 2015's Theros Block Sealed Limited Qualifiers will run from March 15 through June 1, leading up to a tournament in Portland, Oregon. Pro Tour Huey (AKA Fall Set 2014) will be qualify-able from June 7 through August 24 with Modern Constructed and take place in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Pro Tour Dewey (Winter Set 2015)'s season will run from August 30 to November 30, with Huey Block Sealed Limited in a city yet to be determined.

Two anomalies here: The seasons corresponding to the large sets (Theros and Huey) are longer than the other two; and the traditional Modern-for-season-one, Standard-for-season-three dynamic has been flipped on its head. These don't necessarily have any earth-shattering connotations; the DCI is simply trying something different.

Source : examiner[dot]com

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