All About Safe Touch System Tissue Dispenser!

Seeing the current scenario of Covid- 19, we introduce you to a versatile product of our Safe Touch System tissue dispenser, which is not only a tissue dispenser but also has a built-in trash bin. Who wants, a space taking bin on the side of the bathroom and a haggle tissue paper bundle, where often you take out a single tissue where two comes attached with it, So in order to elevate your hygiene levels, We have a wonderful product in the form of Tissue dispenser with the in-built bin that dispenses fresh clean tissues every time and is a two in 1 space saver. Touching the door handles in the offices, the public institutions can create a high-risk of infection. So our product makes this easier and more hygienic.

Door handle tissue dispenser is a touch-free, hygienic way made in compliance with today's situation of covid-19, Imagine touching a door that is touched by many people a day, Increased risk of covid-19. So here's a solution to this problem a safe way of making contact with a Safe Touch System tissue dispenser, This can be installed in any restrooms or place needed. This product has a capacity of 2-gallon waste capacity and it can hold up to 560 tissues with 2 boxes for less frequent refilling and reduced waste.

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