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3D printing industry has become visible day by day from creating a prototype product to helping the healthcare industry during the pandemic. It has emerged as a supportive member of the healthcare industry providing low-cost components for medical uses. Helping the healthcare industry in reducing the cost of the equipment.

Autoabode is the world's one of the leading 3d printer manufacturers and 3d printing service providers. Autoabode 3D printing services open up with numerous options for everyone from rapid prototyping to interior designs. The 3d printing services options become suitable for professionals as well as for daily uses. It's a flexible technology and can be used easily and recognized.

Talking about the Autoabode 3d printing services, Autoabode provides its services to Healthcare Industry, Automotive Industry, Architect Industry, Home Decor, options for Interior Designer, Jewelry Design, Geographical data 3D imaging,3D Scanning, Product Development, Research and Development, and Rapid Prototyping. 

Talking about the Healthcare Industry, Autoabode provides its services for doctors, healthcare workers, and numerous applications for the healthcare industry. Autoabode is Providing 3d printed face shields, 3d printed mask for front line workers during the pandemic .Apart from that Autoabode provides services for the doctors in Medical data and 3D Imaging. Autoabode 3D imaging process of converting MRI/CT Scan data to 3D Printed Pre-Surgical Model helps doctors to understand and think out of the box.

In the Automotive industry, 3D Printing plays a major role in cost customizing for the prototype. Autoabode provides services for Rapid Prototyping helping the automotive industry in cost reduction of the prototypes. As the automotive industry requires day to day progress in their new technology to keep moving and growing. 3d printing reduces the cost of the prototype and decreases waste also.

Architectural always requires a final physical model to ensure the correct design. Autoabode provides its 3D printing services for Architects, reducing their efforts in making models by using 3D printing by eliminating cutting, layering, and sticking of polystyrene sheets. Reducing the waste and providing them a neat, clean, and accurate model.

Home Decor and option for interior designer, 3D Printing provides varieties of options for home decoration. Autoabode provides numerous home décor options for everyone, even customized 3d models according to the requirements. This makes it easy for the consumer where they can easily get their customized 3d models for the home decoration and this also opens options for the Interior Designer using 3D Printing technology and reducing the cost. 

Jewelry Designing consist of lots of patterns which may be difficult to present physically for a prototype. Autoabode 3D Printing Solutions makes it easy and accessible for the Jewelry Industry. Converting 2D to 3D design and getting simply printed your unique ideas.

Geographical data 3D Imaging helps constructer, defense forces to accurately get introduced to the land. Autoabode 3D Printing Solutions provides an easily accessible model of the terrain, any area with the accuracy giving detailed 3d model with customization. 3D Printing provides depth to depth detailed of any area using geographical data. Converting geographical data to 3d model that Autoabode solutions make it easy.

Rapid Prototyping plays a major role in the growth of any organization. No one can stick to only one product updates are required from time to time to grow in the market. But to make a prototype it also required investment which may go very high. But Autoabode 3D Printing Solutions decreases their prototyping cost and ensures faster results with accurate, neat, and cleaned models.

3D Scanning is one of the services which are useful for the printing of any kind of shape. Scanning of the face, scanning of any part when dimensions are missing, scanning of different shapes for the sculpture model. Autoabode 3D Scanning Solutions provides customers the easiest way to print their model with accuracy and sharpness. The model might be 3d printed face, irregular shape. You can also get your 3d printed face at your doorstep by simply dropping your 3d file at

Product Development is one of the processes which has demand in every firm. Autoabode provides Product development services also, it provides a finished product according to the requirement and ensures the requirements of the customer are fulfilled. The product is built professionally and safely.

Autoabode also provides services for Research and Development. It takes on the project and ensures every tested data is provided with the final result of the product and finished product. Research and Development are executed professionally and quickly on time to meet the requirements of the clients. The simple process is followed the requirement is noted then the data is collected then the product is designed and tested. The tested data is matched with the requirements and then the further process is carried on every required data is shared when needed to the client.

You can get your 3d model printed by simple few easy steps. Upload your STL file on our website or share it via mail provided on the website and get your 3d printed model at your doorstep.



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