‘Dark Souls 2’ player satisfaction and loose connection concepts discussed (Photos)

Yui Tanimura has revealed the two main underlying concepts behind the upcoming multiplatform video game, “Dark Souls 2.” In a video interview with Computer and Videogames on Aug. 1, the game director stated that one of the core pillars when designing the open-world action role-playing game is the satisfaction players get when overcoming the challenges and difficulties. By adding more difficulty to the sequel, he believed that the end users would end up being more satisfied.

Yui Tanimura previously mentioned that “Dark Souls 2” will be a more challenging experience than the first game. The enemies are now smarter, lunging at you when you try to heal. The back stab move, which often leads to one-hit kills in the previous installment, now requires more precision to pull off. Finally, the sequel has several environmental traps that will keep players on their toes.

The second underlying concept for “Dark Souls 2” focuses on the online gameplay. The game director disclosed that players will have “loose connections” with others within the game’s world. Although you won’t be able to directly communicate with the other players, you can sense their suffering of certain challenges as well as their conquering through select obstacles.

The player satisfaction and loose connection concepts of “Dark Souls 2” can be experienced when the open-world action role-playing game is released in the North American region next March. Several screenshots of the sequel can be viewed in the slideshow above this article.

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