Everquest Next Revealed (Video)

The next Everquest has been teased for a while even as far as MMORPG.com giving it their game of show at E3. Today, August 2nd, Sony Online Entertainment officially unveiled Everquest Next. The game sounds quite ambitious.

In development since 2009, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) is trying to make something different from all previously made MMOs. To begin with there is no leveling. You'll instead focus on one of 40 classes and have the ability to multi-class by mixing and matching abilities from each class.

SOE goes on to claim that, "Every piece of the world is fully destructible." They note the world will expand from the heavens to deep underground and have 10,000 years of lore. Players will have powerful abilities that can even make gaping holes in the ground.

Another selling point is the fact that the game touts permanent change. A city could be built then destroyed on one server, yet never be built at all on another. SOE reports that the AI will be more than a monster with an aggro radius. Orcs may attack a player's character to get his gold, not because he wandered by.

Everquest Next
Everquest Next
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There will not be a predetermined path for the story, rather your character explores and looks for adventure and fame the way you want to. The game will remember every choice and help the player do more of what they like to do whether that be fighting monsters, exploring the wilderness or crafting armor.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to Everquest Next? Can they fulfill their goals?

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