Four Things Your Wedding Photographer Must Offer for Your Santa Barbara Wedding

Wedding photography is something where only skill and proficiency are not sufficient enough. You will have to be quite smart and have to have the presence of mind to shoot at the right moments. There are hundreds of memories and special moments just waiting to be captured – special moments with distant relatives you haven’t seen in a long time; when the bride is getting ready and puts her dress on on her wedding day, your guests and family having fun candid moments and of course the photos of the new couple.

The five things your wedding photographer must make sure to capture are as follows –

Keeping an eye out for special candid moments

It is essential that your photographer is skilled at keeping an eye out for the special moments of the wedding. Make sure your wedding photographer knows who everyone is, and anyone special you would like for them to keep an eye out for. Also, if anything special is planned for your wedding day, any surprises, or any unique aspects of your wedding ceremony so that your wedding photographer can be prepared.

Family Photo List

It is very helpful for both you and your photographer for you to provide a list of important family groupings to take photos with. This way you are organized on the day of, and you can notify all needed family members when and where family photos will be taken. These are the moments that your family and loved ones will most want to put on their own wall and social media!

Hiring a videographer that your photographer has worked with before

While photos are the best at preserving a moment in time, sometimes video is the only way to really capture the feeling of being there. Seeing the laughs, the tears fall down faces, and your vows being read aloud. Hiring a videographer that has worked with your photographer ensures that they know how to work around each other, and you don’t see one or the other in their photos or videos. Your photographer should be able to provide you a list of recommended vendors.

Make sure your photographer has a 2nd photographer with them

A 2nd photographer is a great addition to any wedding big or small. It’s not necessarily about the size of your wedding, its all about getting a 2nd angle on things. For example, when you are walking down the ailse, you want both a photo of your face, as well as the back of your dress walking down the aisle. Also, the face of your partner. These three photos require a photographer at the front, and then back of your ceremony space, and are very important moments to capture that you do not want to miss out on. Get to know about wedding photographer Santa Barbara


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