‘Half-Life 3’ potential developer approves of ‘Half-Life’ co-op mod on Steam (Photos)

Valve, the potential developer of the rumored “Half-Life 3” video game, has given approval for the Steam release of a fan-made mod from the original “Half-Life.” According to a report by Geeky Gadgets on July 18, the “Sven Co-op Half-Life Mod” can be downloaded for free. Furthermore, players won’t need to purchase a copy of “Half-Life” in order to play it.

The “Sven Co-op Half-Life Mod” enables support for a co-operative mode in the campaign of the first game. The addition of the Steam service would result in faster and more frequent updates. You can check out a set of screenshots from the sequel, “Half-Life 2,” in the slideshow at the top of this article.

Valve’s latest action could be seen as a way to increase brand awareness for the eventual revealing of “Half-Life 3.” The company has not yet provided any details on the project despite numerous rumors and speculations. “Half-Life 3” would be the first main release for the series since “Half-Life 2: Episode Two.”

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