How An OHS Auditing Can Improve Your Organization's Safety Management?

According to the recent reports, it is estimated that more than 34% of people have experienced a work-related injury or illness at their workplaces annually during the process of lifting, pushing, pulling, or bending. Everyday activities such as lifting and moving a heavy box or driving a forklift etc. happen in most of the workplaces and these sort of manual tasks can be hazardous and leads to serious injuries and even deaths if not handled properly. Incorrectly or poorly designed manual tasks which involve sustained posters or repetitive action or exposure to vibration leads to all sorts of workplace injuries.

How Main & Associates Can Help?

As a business owner, if your company or organisation deals with everyday activities like potentially hazardous manual handling tasks then hiring safety specialists at Main & Associates is the most ideal solution. Main & Associates is the most reputable workplace OHS specialists that have more than 30 years of experience providing health and safety management to a wide range of industries, small, medium and large organizations. Our team of highly experienced Occupational Health and Safety Australia specialists will identify any physical hazards which put your employees or workers at risk and necessary actions are applied to reduce those risks. The team of highly trained, qualified and knowledgeable specialists will ensure that you are compliant with all safety legislation.

As an organization owner, it is your duty and responsibility to protect your workers and incorrectly handling or managing the hazardous manual tasks may result in a breach of OHS laws. Hiring safety professionals from Main & Associates to manual handling risk assessment provides benefits such as your organization's improved productivity due to reduction in workplace injuries, safe and happier workplace; legal risks are minimised and less work-related claims. The team of specialists at Main & Associates are experts in providing Manual Handling Risk Assessment that include:

  • Site Inspection,
  • Identifying an assessment of hazardous manual handling risks,
  • Detailed written report + recommending appropriate control measures,
  • Providing training in Manual handling to employees,
  • Assist with safety compliance with relevant legislation.

If you want to help your business by identifying health and safety risks then it is important to make sure that you conduct regular audits of your business. OHS Auditing is a process of reviewing a health and safety system, program or practice to determine whether your company or organization complies with legislative requirements, best practice in health and safety management, risk assessment and established guidelines. One of the best reasons why you should hire professionals for OHS auditing from Main & Associates is that unfortunate accidents at the workplace can be avoided which means you'll have a safer workplace that leads to a more productive workplace which results in a more profitable workplace.

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