How Does the Tinder Dating App Work?

Working of Tinder dating app
Tinder Update!
This app only supports iOS 6+ and Android 2.2+, and is available in 24 languages.
On September 15, 2012, the location-based dating app, Tinder, was released. By covering two of the most popular mobile platforms, Apple and Android, Tinder has managed to reach out to a maximum audience. The app was first launched at the University of Southern California, and then it released for the rest of the world. Let us take a look at the working of Tinder, along with its pros and cons, in this Buzzle write-up.


Tinder draws inspiration from Hot or Not, the rating site which allowed users to rate each other as hot or not. However, with Tinder, the rating method is similar to Facebook. You can like a picture by scrolling through a list of suitable daters. These potential candidates can then be contacted, given they like your picture too. This way, you may meet your Prince Charming or Cinderella!

How Does it Work?

The simplicity of this dating app is what makes it perfect to use. Let us see the step-wise working of the app.

Profile Creation
The GPS technology is used to find your exact location. Simultaneously, all your details: First name, age, gender, etc., are acquired from your Facebook profile. You can choose any photo from your Facebook profile, that will act as your Tinder profile picture. There's the option of adding a short tagline to your picture if you wish to do so.

Look for Suitable Matches
Once you have created the profile, the next step is to look for potential daters. Based on your location, suitable matches (ones that are closer to your location) will be displayed. You can also narrow down your search, by using age filters. From the list of potential daters, you can like the suitor, by simply swiping to the right, on their picture.

If your interest also likes you back, you too will be connected (Tinder calls it a "match") and can start messaging each other. This app also allows you to see if your match and you have any Facebook friends, interests, etc., in common! This will help you connect better.

In case you wish to block someone, you simply need to swipe to the left (right-side swipe is for like), and the match will be blocked forever! Forever means forever! Tinder has strict algorithms which don't allow you to unblock anyone.

Tinder doesn't waste a lot of your time. You simply need to keep swiping and look for people whom you find attractive. Check out their pictures, read the tagline, and like it (if you want to get hooked). Thus, your precious time, to keep reading through long profiles (like other dating websites), is saved!

The Good

It's fast and there aren't long profiles!

The like aspect makes the app more spontaneous. By simply glancing at one's picture, you will have to make up your mind. Thus, it is more natural.

You decide who can message you. Thus, you are saved of unsolicited emails.

Most of your details are hidden, unless your potential match doesn't like you back.

Playing cupid was never so easy! You can introduce two of your Facebook friends whom you think can make a couple.

The Bad

Most vital stats are unknown except the age. Thus, unless you meet the match in person, you will not know other details.

If you are living in a small town, you might have problems looking for a match. This app is growing in the big cities but not in smaller towns.

If you are looking for anything except love, like a casual relation, sex, this app is not for you.

Click on the link given below to download the app from iTunes and Play Store.

Tinder is the perfect app for people looking for love, in their neighborhood. If you don't get matches in your locality, you can widen the search area. However, if you are looking for one-night stands or the like, look for apps like Blendr. All in all, Tinder is growing, with almost 100 million matches. You may just get lucky in love!
Source : buzzle[dot]com

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