How to get a perfect matching blouse for your saree?

If we take a look at the earlier tradition of how the blouse type was selected, we may realise that women back then didn’t have much to choose from. The tailor had a catalogue which included very few variant blouse designs from which women had to choose the best that matched their saree. However, this absolutely isn’t the same case now. Women these days are very experimental and always look out for something new and in fashion. They form their own designs and ask the tailor to imitate it while stitching the blouse. This is the best way the tailor too can show his creativity and skill.

It happens quite a few times where we come across women who look up for designs from all over the internet in search of something unique and once they get it stitched, it doesn’t really go along with their saree. To avoid such circumstances, one must have good knowledge about fabric, colour combinations, designs, etc. this will indeed help in getting a fine blouse that matches your saree. Here are a few things you can keep in mind when you plan for your next perfect blouse design:

  1. Understand your sarees and then the blouse

The trend of pairing a plain saree with minimal detailing with a fancy blouse is not unknown to women today. This style transforms the simple plain saree into something you can even opt for a wedding reception! It is a smart move to let the blouse do the talking here.

When your saree is heavy with a lot of designs and embroidery, it is advisable to keep the blouse little simple. This will help balance the look.

  1. Pay attention to the neck design

The type of neck design you select determines how your physical attributes will be portrayed. The neck design outlines your shoulders and highlights your feminine structure. Round and square neck designs are common among both tall and short women. Short women with short neck can go for a rectangular or an oval blouse. Women with tall height and long neck can opt for Chinese collar style.

The back designs can also be experimented with. You can see the various shapes and cuts that might suit the blouse.

  1. Match the fabric of the blouse with your banarasi sarees

Generally, it is a common practice to match the blouse fabric with the fabric of the saree. Most sarees come with an extra piece of cloth for blouse stitching. But women these days like to go beyond the conventional styles. They select their own fabric separately and design the blouse. For regular use, cotton blouses are a good option. Silk, georgette, chiffon or net are few fabrics suitable for special functions. The blouse should match the saree fabric. For example, a cotton blouse might not go along with a silk wedding saree. Being knowledgeable about fabrics is of utmost importance in such a case.

Online stores do have endless options if you wish to shop for designer style of sarees.


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