Importance Of QMS Quality Management System

Competitive business industries needintelligent working strategies for better productivity. The primary focus of such strategies is to produce anefficient system and offer quality services with lesser time. Apart from advanced technologies, many industries are still following the traditional approachesfor data management. They used to collect and store thousands of paper documents in massive file cabinets ever year that requires more time and occupies too much space.

With E-Quality Management System you can replace huge file cabinets and improve efficiency of your business, reduce costs, and become more organized.A good Quality Management System (QMS)will:

  • Reduce Rate Of Errors
  • Improve Product Quality And Process Control
  • Increase Market Share
  • Lower Costs
  • PromoteTraining
  • CustomerExpectations
  • Raise Working Ability And Morale

Orcanos is providing best solution over this problem.

Orcanos Quality Management System offering the excellent, high-tech productivity tool that helps you to build quality management system through e-QMS infrastructure with minimum time.

Key feature of Quality Management System designed by Orcanos is sequential storage for database management. It maintains all the information in such as way that user can control the quality processes at the single point of access.

Withextended experience in a hi-techsynchronized industry, Orcanos e-QMS software delivering professional, easy to use, and secure tools, those assist businesses in building their operational superiority. These tools include Electronic forms (E-Forms), E-sign, Tractability tool, etc. with Automatic work-flows, ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 support. ECO,CAPA, and Professional dashboard is also implemented for trackingand controlling your data in real time.

To improve your company’s functionality and tocomply with quality standards of MDR/FDA regulations, get their Electronic Quality Management System plan. The plan composed of two plans – ALM for Research and Development (R&D management) and QMS. You can avail this plan with 30 days free trail.

About Orcanos

Software Companyhard earned by Zohar Preezt and Rami Azulay.Since 2005, Orcanosdesigning and developing integrated software projects for ALM (Design Control) including Quality Management system (QMS).

Choose best for your business! Explore quality range of Softwaretools and medical devices with Orcanos. Visit website:   For more details call on +972-3-5372561. You can also mail your comments at


Electronic Quality Management System , QMS Quality Management System


Orcanos provides an cloud ALM system that combines quality (QMS) and regulations into the R&D process, thus assuring better FDA, ISO, CE compliance.

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