It's not advised to play two-element at this degree Dofus Kamas

It's not advised to play two-element at this degree Dofus Kamas, but you're still able to carry out some tests should you want. The bi-element remains quite expensive for this level, but you will finally have your Blinding Arrow to eventually exploit the water manner. The Fire trail remains the most suitable for PvM, and the PvP floor and water routes for PM withdrawal. The Air Way is a good means to produce significant single-target harm. Starting at level 105, also for the following levels, you have the option of utilizing bi-elemental pathways, often with higher damage to single-element pathways. The chance to test your Persecutor Arrow in Fire / Air Do Crit manner, although it is not quite as strong as before.

It's also likely to select a multi-element material to facilitate your farm in PvM, or maintain a full fire way as presented here. If you want to have 6 MP on the water / territory track, you are able to replace your Dragodinde using a Muldo. Level 130 or elegance level for bi-elemental pathways! Plenty of things can be found, and you'll be able to use all of the possibilities of Cra, depending upon your affinities. You may even have fun playing with the Class Belt, particularly on the Water paths. Remember the way Full Fire is obviously potential. It's possible at this level to take mono-elemental stuffs to improve your harm, but that's not exactly what we recommend, even though the Fire Lane is a superb choice for the solo farm.

Starting at level 150+, the Phossile Set joins Dofus, allowing you to dramatically increase your damage. If you don't have the capacity to get the Dofus, then you are able to replace them with 150 Trophies. This degree is also an opportunity to come back to the single-element Fire trail, to significantly boost the speed of plantation in PvM. Some spell variants are already exploitable, particularly on Earth and Fire. Starting at par 180, you'll have the ability to start improving in your past items, to buy Kamas Dofus Retro gently point you to your closing degree 200 stuff.


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