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Pollution, noise, violence and various factors have become the main elements that affect life in today's big cities. That is why it is increasingly common to observe people who decide to move to mountains or fields, looking for a better quality of life. Permaculture Australia is a complete design system based on several sciences that seeks to meet human needs without destroying, reducing natural resources. Its name has two meanings: permanent agriculture (sustainable) and permanent culture (sustainable). This double meaning reflects the philosophy of permaculture, since to reach its goal it is necessary to depend on sustainable agriculture and live under a sustainable culture.


For a human system to be sustainable, it has to be ecologically sound and economically viable. That is, it must be efficient in the use of available resources without reducing them and therefore self sufficient, without causing pollution. This is achieved through self-limitation, the intensive use of spaces and resources and the use of waste. This new lifestyle harmoniously combines scientific knowledge with the wisdom of primitive peoples to generate everything that man needs based on improvements in existing resources.

Certified Permaculture Design Course

It is a 10-day, certified course, which covers several basic topics to have the basis to be a good perambulator. Gradually and with practice and applications you can go deeper every year with courses, volunteers or advising you to care for the Earth, people and share kindly and commonly.

  • PDC Australia is a method of systemic design that seeks to create sustainable and healthy settlements. It is a way of living creating environmental solutions in the world.
  • Its bases are found in the wisdom of the original territorial nations and in ecology.
  • Its design is based on replicating the natural patterns of life that have remained dynamically in balance with each other since the beginning.
  • It is the theoretical basis of the eco-social change that humanity lives today.

Objective to: Permaculture Course teaches to design according to the ethics and principles of Permaculture.

  • Internalize in the cycles and forces of nature, to learn to interact kindly and sustainably with them.
  • Expose different social paradigms from a critical and reflective position that helps us take the first steps to recover our autonomy guided by health and sustainability.
  • Deliver practical tools, techniques within the domains of permaculture and / or the flower of permaculture.
  • Examine into a holistic and complete theoretical framework.
  • Create a community with a strong social fabric that encourages networking.

Benefits of this course

You will learn to “read the landscape” and observation skills that will allow you to understand a place deeply.

  • You will learn about drawing and interpreting maps, about understanding natural patterns and how to take advantage of them to achieve designs that work for nature rather than against it.
  • You will understand the importance of taking care of the soil, water and knowing techniques to do it.
  • You will start using permaculture in your life in order to create a more sustainable and resilient lifestyle.



Permaculture Design Certificate Course Australia - Permaculture Courses at Noosa Forest Retreat, Permaculture Community & Education Centre. Sunshine Coast, Australia.Permaculture Course Queensland provide Syntropic farming, Syntropic gardening, education design course in queensland.

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