Lead planner for Xbox One comments on Xbox One GPU speed increase

Earlier this morning Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox One GPU was receiving a speed increase through optimized drivers. This news came as no surprised, as an inside source confirmed the than rumor from over a month ago (see story here).

This news still leaves questions on the table though, rightfully so considering the miscommunication Microsoft has displayed regarding their latest platform. Luckily for them, Albert Penello, the lead planer for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Kinect has commented on the upgrade and reasonings behind it. His comments are as follows:

Hey guys

Lots of interesting comments on the GPU upgrade.

Let me put this out there. I know there is doubt about the “truth” of what we say, so some of you will believe me, and others won’t. But here goes…

We set aggressive targets for reliability, performance, yields, and noise. Those things always have to be balanced. We want this box to have rock-solid reliability. We want it to be DEAD quiet (and let me tell you, X1 is quieter than the new Xbox 360 we just released). And we wanted killer game performance. But those targets are in conflict with each other.

What we’ve found through the development process is we were able to actually exceed our goals on the thermals and acoustics. This gave us headroom to increase the clock speed without any hit to noise, reliability, or heat, so we took the opportunity to bump the GPU. I get it’s only 6% or so, but that could translate to a few FPS in the real world.

I know there are many conspiracy theories out there about how and why we make decisions. I can tell you – this was something we were hoping to be able to do for a while. So we were prepared for this. Nobody should worry this puts us at any risk or people are scrambling at this decision.

So there you have it, straight from the horses mouth as to what the stipulations and reasonings behind the GPU speed increase. The question that is not answered, however, is if we will see any future improvements to the Xbox One as we get closer to release seeing that there are still possibilites of this.

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