Magnum opus Mahabharat is all set war the epic war


Magnum opus Mahabharat is all set war the epic war

Star Plus’ magnum opus Mahabharat that endeavored to cultivate the young audiences across is still ensuring a magnificent storytelling and probably that’s the reason why the show has been appealing its viewers all this while. Ever since it’s launched every detail of the show has been meticulously put together by the makers, including the narrative, costumes, weapons, etc.

In its 9 months run, the show has generated positive feedback from all quarters and managed to open very well and sustained interest week after week. The game of dice leading to Draupdi’s dishonour took Mahabhart at its peak viewership and now the show is continuously holding its place among top 10 shows across GECs. Mahabharat is the greatest story ever told; one will be able to draw parallels and see the relevance of the epic even in today’s age. It bridges generations by appealing to both young and old, and watching it is fundamentally a bonding experience.

Talking about her character and the story forward, Ria Deepsi says, “Gandhari embraced darkness; mother of a hundred sons, a plaything for her blind husband, she died every moment she lived. Gandhari was not blind to the politics, corruption and injustice in the royal courts but she somehow managed to stand by what her kin did. Now, since in the show, the war will be showcased next month, I’m looking forward how it will turn out to be; what will be the viewers’ response.”

The beginning of events leading to the grand war will be showcased in a visually awe-striking manner.

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