PS4, Xbox One pre-orders double PS3, Xbox 360 total

It is no secret that the video game world is excited about the impending launch of Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. With each passing day, retailers worldwide fill their launch stock allocation leaving consumers with few options of securing a system on the day of release. With great demand comes greater supply and it sounds like Sony and Microsoft will have plenty of orders to fill this holiday. Ubisosft CEO Yves Guillemot shared on July 18 that pre-order numbers for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are high.

In Ubisoft’s Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Q1 Sales Earnings call via, Guillemot revealed that pre-orders for PS4 and Xbox One are “two times” the amount the Xbox 360 and PS3 saw during their launch.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 suffered from hardware shortages for several months follow the system’s 2005 holiday release. With pre-order numbers much higher for Xbox One, Microsoft must be confident in being able to produce plenty of consoles this holiday.

Guillemot did not share exact pre-order figures, but it is exciting to see such enthusiasm from the gaming community over these new consoles.

Source : examiner[dot]com

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