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When it comes to waxing, Brazilian waxing has become the latest fashion as well as beauty trend and hence, it has become more popular to both genders over the past few years. Brazilian wax falls under the category of bikini waxing and its main purpose is to remove both front and back pubic hair. However, many people might have different opinions and thoughts regarding waxing and this is because of the result of discouraging and terrible stories that people hear and read online about the pain and torture that comes with waxing. If you are among those people then you need to know that Brazilian is an easy and digital way of removing unwanted hair at your private parts and if you understand the effective benefits of Brazilian waxing then you can make more informed decisions.

Don’t let anyone cheat you that this treatment process will take you one hour. In fact, in order to complete a full Brazilian waxing, the process takes less between 15 to 20 minutes and sometimes it can only go to 30 minutes if the operations like cutting the hair to the length needed before the process of waxing can begin. However, if you are looking for the fastest Brazilian waxing process that completes within 15 minutes then it can be achieved as long as you are in the hands of a qualified expert like Libbey Lazarus. She is specialized in providing best Brazilian waxing Pacific Beach services and has many years of experience providing longer lasting and smoother results by removing the hair from the root.

Kiss & Makeup now is a most reputable beauty salon and spa founded by Libbey Lazarus who is one of the most sought after Brow Experts, Makeup Artists, and Licensed Aestheticians in Southern California. Although, having this Brazilian waxing procedure done is an intimate experience, but you don’t have to worry as you will be in good and safe hands like Libbey Lazarus and you'll be left feeling more comfortable in our beauty salon. Most of the people think that Brazilian waxing can be a bit painful and daunting but Libbey's many years of experience helps her in providing best Brazilian waxing San Diego and the smooth feeling will make the slight stinging pain which will be bearable and worth it.

At Kiss & Makeup Now, we also provide complete Body waxing San Diego at competitive prices which leaves your skin clear of stubble and remove the hair from roots which won't start to grow back for several weeks. With the help of our highly trained aesthetician Libbey, the several large stripes of your body hair can be removed in a few quick rips. For more details to know about Kiss & Makeup Now please visit our website here:


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