Select the Best Hotel in Athens for Peaceful Stays to Enjoy Vacation in Greece

Uk based visitors need to make peaceful overnight stays in the best hotels in Athens. Thessaloniki is a beautiful town which has awesome infrastructural beauty, and natural panorama. It is the best place for tourists to enjoy the awe-inspiring vacation. Hotel Olympia is such a luxurious hotel that gives classic amenities to VIPs and international tourists at reasonable rates. The walking distance from this hotel Athens to reach Aristotelous Square is not more than 5 minutes.

 Top Facilities 

  • Complete your breakfast at the mini snack bar
  • A’la Carte restaurant glitters in eye-catching décor. It offers nutritious dishes. The interior decoration of this restaurant is marvellous. For people who have problems to maintain health and obesity, this restaurant gives fantastic special diet meals pack on demand
  • Mini coffee house for entertaining visitors


Luxurious Rooms Filled with Sophisticated Electronic Gadgets 

  • Wall-mounted flat-screen television sets
  • Internet
  • Soundbars for playing music
  • Safety deposit unit box

Opulent Bathroom 

Young sweethearts can choose this Olympia hotel for spending their unforgettable nights on their honeymoon vacation trips. Well, the the bathroom is considered to be the most private room for bathing without any disturbance. It keeps your privacy. At this hotel, you will get the attached the bathroom which has marble finishing with the availability of the world-class facilities like battery-powered hair drying machines, water dispensing systems, and emergency cords to upgrade the hair drying machines for more convenience to use.

More Advantages 

Your bedrooms should have no germs and dirt. If you have newborn babies, disabled aunties, and aged family members, you should protect their health. The best hotel in Athens gives the full-scale support to the infirm and weak visitors. Get assistance from employees/attendant boys to help youraunties move to other place sitting on the wheelchairs/perambulators. Every day, the room cleaners are found cleaning all rooms using the biodegradable room cleaning materials. You and your children are now safe to stay in the eco-forward bedrooms. Besides, pet lovers can enter into the hotel with theirpoodles if they wish.

Bicycle on Rent 

 Save your transportation cost by taking the bicycle onrent. There is a fleet of two-wheelers for visitors. You can book any good bicycle for street navigation at affordable rental fees.

Parking Lot 

The hotel in Athens has a spacious car parking lot.

Laundry Service 

You don’t need to wash your dirty linens on your own. The special laundry service is near you. However, you have to bear the additional service charge to get the custom laundry service within the hotel.

Get more details about the prices and availability of hotel rooms by visiting Online room booking facilitates people to book rooms at any time. Based on the availability of the rooms for accommodation, visitors need to reserve the rooms. However, if they need to stay longer, they should request the hotel authority for extending the stays.

Olympia hotel in Athens takes care of all visitors who need hassle-free hospitality service at the affordable prices. In this connection, customers need to check the online map to have information about the geographical location of this luxurious hotel in Athens. It is the top hotel for visitors who prioritize safety and cool ambience to spend holidays in Athens.

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