Set when you complete Kamas Dofus Retro

You win a Beginner Set when you complete Kamas Dofus Retro the tutorial Incarnam. But it runs out quite fast... No problem! New to DOFUS Touch, the Lairen are a mini-dungeon type, with two monsters each, and are available on Incarnam. The first, Celestial Gobball and the Dark, is for par 10 Dofus gamers, and lets you drop the set in question. Adapted to the Lanes, your level and their outfits are an excellent choice for beginners, and you will ensure the amounts.

The traditional Gobball Set is an excellent selection for the Fire and Earth routes. Small Tip: the Set's Drop Rates are higher on the Gobball, Boufton, and Incarnam War Chief! Though at a certain level the strategies are complex, when you start, make Dofus Kamas, it is very easy! Just follow a couple of significant points as stated above. If you want to understand more, we offer a thorough manual for Dofus Kamas!

With your 3 transactions, you already have the allowance! Also remember to harvest Water, that sells very easily at a price that is fantastic. In addition to the pursuit for your Lairies, the main quest will often bring you gains that are interesting, as well as accompany you. Very accessible from the beginning of Dofus, the monster successes (and specifically the success Piou) will bring you lots of gains. The majority of the time, you will not have to purchase your equipment, the falls on the Lanes and the Gobballs being sufficient.

But you can spend Dofus Kamas to purchase water in the Astrub Tavern in [5, -17] at the innkeeper, for just 1 K / u. Then, go to the auction house to sell this water at a batch of 10 or even 100 and make a margin of over 200%! Also consider promoting your resources in lots of 10 or 100 in the Auction House. For Ethereal firearms sell them. He will buy them for the subsequent price: (level of the weapon + 1) x100. A Ethereal weapon degree 6 will probably be redeemed 700 cheap Dofus Kamas! Before each disconnect, look at selling your resources as you will need Dofus Kamas, therefore it is better to sell than store.


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