Some Exclusive Facilities Promised by Top Hotels and Hostels in Athens

Greece is among those countries with whom you will fall in love. Every trip will let you discover something new. Beautiful coastlines, majestic beaches, historical monuments and warm welcoming people enhance the beauty of the place.


Its rich culture along with location and history makes the country stand out from other typical European countries. If you are not in a position to purchase the typical package of Greece tour, still you may plan the entire trip on your own. To add colours to your trip, it is very much essential to book reliable accommodation in Athens in advance.

How Athens Hotels will Make You Feel like Your Home?

Along with a comfortable staying, top budgeted Athens hotels including Brazzers Hotel Syros, Lego Platamona and Students Innwill make you feel as if you are in your next home. Exclusive facilities offered include:

  • Healthy and tasty breakfast
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi 24*7
  • Room upgrading after checking-in
  • Afternoon check-in also available
  • Elevator
  • Cab facility
  • Swimming pools
  • Locker facility and many more.

You may also expect to get the best guidelines from friendly staff members regarding best shopping spots, local restaurant and cafeteria.

What Facilities Available at Expensive Hotels?

With the advent of web technology, getting in touch with top Athens hostels remains no more a big challenge. People who are looking for a royal touch can make their bookings at Hotel Olympia or Francesco’s ios.

Salient features of such top hotels include:

  • Featuring of hardwood floors along with antique and crown furnishings
  • A fusion of modern Greek cuisine on a neo-classical setting
  • Well-equipped sauna and fitness centre for unwinding

Also, one may enjoy the sprawling views of Athens from their rooms that will keep boredom away. Readymade tour packages to remarkable spots like the Acropolis, Thission and the Temple of Zeus will also be available against a phone call.

Are You a Student? Here are Your Options!

If you are a student, then you must have limited money in your hands. But that does not mean that you will not be able to enjoy a fabulous tour to Greece. There are many hotels and hostels in Athensthat will meet your budget and let you enjoy a comfortable staying. Some of them are:

  • Brazzera Hotel Syros
  • Lego Platamona
  • Students Inn

All are known for offering spacious rooms, well-equipped washrooms and clean beds. If you want you may opt for dormitories or private rooms.

Best hostels in Athensthat are close to the centre will let you enjoy trendy nightlife spots of the capital city. Also, some have an impeccable bar at the terrace where you can enjoy tastes of delicious wines. During your leisure time, you will be able to take a walk through artisan shops and colourful flower stands.


Booking a reliable accommodation outside your home will let you enjoy your tour in the best possible manner. Whether it is a hotel or a hostel in Athens, Booking by conducting a little bit of research will help in making the right choice. You may refer the e-guidebook for the same.

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