The Best Hostel Athens – Know about Top Amenities, Location, and Advantages

Many UK Students travel to reach Athens for researches and studies are required to stay in the top hostel. It should not be difficult for them to bear expenses. Student and Travellers Inn is one of the most popular hostels for students in Greece.

The Exact Location of the Hostel in Athens 

This hostel Athens is located in the centre of Athens, Plaka. It is close to Acropolis.

Type of Hostel 

This hotel is run and maintained by the family members. In a strong and sturdy gigantic 150 years old building, this fantastic family-run inn for students is situated. It gives the cost-efficient accommodation to travellers (especially students).  


Plaka Street is always busy and crowded with people. There are rows of kiosks, street café, and shops to entertain travellers. Besides, students can visit luxurious movie halls and art exhibition schools whenever they have leisure time to utilize.

Why Do You Like This Hostel? 

The cool atmosphere, perfect location and good amenities inside this top-notch hostel in Athens attract students overseas. The family members who own this historical hostel Athens are cordial to welcome visitors. The quality of the hospitality service is appreciable as it is the best hostel to give the top security and life care.

Different Dormitories for Students to Book 

On the upper ground floor, eight bedded air-conditioned luxurious dormitories are open for giving shelter to students. Share the rooms and cut daily expenses. Besides, en suite double bedrooms and small size private chambers solve the problem of finding cheap Athens accommodation.

Awesome Garden Bar for Smooth Relaxation

On weekends, gather at the summer garden bar for taking cool drinks/shishas. 

It is a safe place for students for recreation. Talk to your friends and take the tasty drinks. For students, the garden bar provides the best nutritious dishes with regional culinary flavour.  

Vibrant ambience nurtures the mood of backpackers to meet their near and dear ones during vacation. It is a great inn for students who don’t like nasty environment and noise.

Check-in/Out Time Online 

  • Check-in time - 12:00
  • Check-out time - 11:00

On your pocket-size mobile phone, check details before booking the rooms in this best hostel located in Athens. Customers have to track the list of rooms that must be available for them. The rates and room availability updates are daily updated online. So, keep in touch with this site.


European students like to live in a dirt-free ambience. They are serious when they book any hostel or inn for making stays. This is the top hostel in Greece. It has a team of room cleaners to remove junk dirt and infected linen from the rooms immediately. The bathrooms and dormitories are detoxified by the utility service providers to help hostel students to have comfort as well as life security.


Finally, the administration and hostel management team must be responsible to solve the problems of students. Visitors get all sorts of co-operation and inspiration from the authority of the hostel. 99 per cent of travellers recommend this top hostel for booking. It gets 9-10 stars from students for awe-inspiring hassle-free hospitality service.

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