The Importance of Electronic Quality Management System

As technology continues to evolve and individuals become more technologically sophisticated, companies must keep up with technology's rapid pace by sourcing leading-edge tools to manage both customers and internal processes. Managing quality and processes manually is a daunting task without the proper tools and may lead to a myriad of problems, including delays in project timelines, poor customer satisfaction, lack of motivation, and poor allocation of resources. To address these and other issues, the use of an electronic quality management system; is highly recommended to save time and costs associated with process documentation, non-conformance management, and risk reduction.

One of the most important parts of running any successful business or organization is to make sure that you always have clear precise documentation of every single important transaction, process, and action that takes place. This will allow you to have a transparent reference point whenever anything is in question.

Orcanos Software comes into existence in the year 2005 by Zohar Peretz and Rami Azulay. The only company that gives integrated software for ALM (Design Control) and quality management (QMS), combined with regulations compliance, which specializes in the Medical Device industry.

The unique thing about us is our years of proven experience in a regulated hi-tech industry, working with medical device manufacturers and other high-tech companies, and assisting them in building their operational excellence.

Businesses need to keep careful track of issues that require attention, and for that, they rely on CAPA Management Software. This is a type of software that allows personnel to record and keep track of corrective action requirements in whatever form they take. Such software can be used to track customer service complaints, employee complaints, supplier non-conformance, or virtually anything else which requires deliberate action.

CAPA is a part of the Quality Management System and is one of the key elements of a management system that is directed towards continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. CAPA also known as corrective action / preventive action, refers to the steps taken by an organization to eliminate the causes of non-conformities. CAPA Management System is a process by which the organizations get rid of detrimental results by focusing on the desirables.

Don't let your company get weighed down with mountains of paper documents and rooms full of filing cabinets. An electronic data management system will make your business operations faster, more efficient, and more competitive. CAPA compliance will lead to a better process and a better product that will ensure customer satisfaction. In today's competitive world, CAPA is a necessary tool for organizational growth. CAPA Software is used to report and then implement corrective and preventive action to eliminate the causes of nonconformance.

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CAPA Management Software


Orcanos provides an cloud ALM system that combines quality (QMS) and regulations into the R&D process, thus assuring better FDA, ISO, CE compliance.

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