The RP on DOFUS is practiced in Dofus Kamas

The RP on DOFUS is practiced in Dofus Kamas, on Discord, but additionally on discussion. It's time for you to discover what the RP forum is, in addition to its own benefits and peculiarities. As its name suggeststhe RP forum is a form of role play that is practiced on... a forum. It is possible to distinguish two forms of RP forum: RP Multi and Solo RP. The first is solitary: it is, no less and more, than to tell the story of a single character according to a single writer. The RP Multi is the form of role-playing which will interest us in this article since it brings together different actors (Dofus players, a Dofus game Master and its own NPCs) around a scenario (the framework ).

arbitrator and narrator. The GM uss nPCs to mark the plot, it is through them that he expresses himself and intervenes. Dofus players embody their personalities by imagining their reactions to the twists of the plot. Unlike the RP in drama DOFUS, the RP forum is via messages. It can be the forum of DOFUS or a private forum.

In the center shines a flame and next to it sits a goblin. "Then Dofus player A explains his activities:"I strategy subtly to surprise the goblin! I walk on my pads and tiptoe the sound of buy dofus kamas echo my own footsteps dampens. Then the GM explains the results of the action in question, if they succeed or not, why:"The ears of this tiny monster shudder as you come in his back. The goblin turns out, smiles and holds out a clawed hand beckoning one to sit by the flames"



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