Top Questions to Ask Before Booking a Hostel in Athens

People looking for an affordable option in terms of accommodation must opt for some other option instead of going with hotels. Yes, hostels in Athens will be the right choice. There, you will be able to come across almost all luxuries that are similar to hotels. But against an affordable price rate!

Flying Blindly Inside a Hostel – A Daunting Aspect!

Are you going to book hostel for the very first time? Better conduct a research prior making a booking. Flying blindly will be a daunting prospect. Also, it can be a tough job if you have no frame of reference.

Important Questions to Put Up

Feeling a bit nervous? Relax! Hostels are great options for travellers who want to keep a tight budget and need a safe place for laying their heads. Below are some questions that you must put up in front of the hostel owner:

  • Does your hostel have age limitations?–As there are some hostels in Athens that strictly enforce age limits, it is better to confirm if the hostel chosen by you is inclusive of age limitations. If a hostel has an age limit of 30-40 and you are younger, then better confirm about your entry prior making a booking.

Generally, age limits come with party Athens hostels that have bars inside. They limit the entry of people who are under eighteen years of age.

  • Do you have to share the room with people belonging to opposite gender? – If you do not want to share room with people belonging to opposite gender, then no need to take any chance. As many hostels have single dormitories, better make your bookings there.

Though, mixed dormitories are common. Still, before making your final booking it is good to confirm about the availability of seats on the dormitory. It will save you from all types of unnecessary hassles on the spot.

  • Do you have to share a bathroom? –In hostels, you must be ready to share bathrooms especially in a dormitory. Private rooms will occasionally come with an attached bathroom. They are relatively rare.

As you will be sharing the bathroom with other travellers, better make yourself accustomed in that way. It will help you a lot and let you enjoy a comfortable staying. Some hostel bathroom tips include bringing of flip-flops for shower. Going through the review section will help in give you a crystal clear picture about the hostel you are about to book.

  • Is breakfast included? –A day without a breakfast is really difficult to imagine. Though many hostels provide breakfast, still it is better to confirm about the same. It is rare to come across a hostel breakfast that is nicely prepared and will fill you up. Going through the client testimonial section will give an idea about the type of food provided.

If you come across a hostel where you can score your breakfast for free, then you will be able to save huge bucks.

These are some important questions to ask the owner of hostel that has been gained reputation for providing comfortable Athens accommodationfor years.

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