Which One is the Best for Travle

While you book hostels in Greece online, there will be a plethora of options available on your screen. Also, you will be in a fix regarding best selection between mixed dormitories and same sex dormitories. Below are some exclusive features that will help you to distinguish and make the correct decision.


The countdown has begun to dispel the myth, compare benefits prior making the right selection. People having a tight budget will prefer going with hostels in Greece instead of Brazzera Hotel Syros. There you will be in a fix to select the best between:


  • Mixed dormitory


  • Same sex dormitory


What Makes Mixed Dormitories Among Common Choices?


Mixed dormitories are common today.  They will provide you the golden opportunity to meet a wider variety of travellers coming from various corners of the world. You will have someone to gossip with and exchange your thoughts and heartfelt ideas.


Traveling is all about getting out of the comfort zone and trying something new. Hostels and hotels like Lego Platamona are best examples. There you will get an opportunity to enjoy, share and adjust with others. Some exclusive benefits of mixed dormitories include:


  • A cheap option


  • Will make you feel like a family


  • Long duration for time pass


Apart from these, little bit of adjustment is required in some cases. Those exceptional cases are:


  • Sharing of showers


  • Dress changing


  • Snoring of people


  • Little bit of disturbance while sleeping at night


What Makes Same Sex Dormitories Different from Others?


There are some people who feel more comfortable sleeping in a dormitory allowing people belonging to same sex. Some Greece hostelsprovide this facility only for men or only for women. It depends!


If you feel a bit unsettled while sleeping in a room having people of opposite gender, then better go with same sex dormitories. As a man, if you are comfortable in passing your time with only male travellers; then better go with dormitories allowing only men.


Some remarkable benefits of such dorms include:


  • A quieter option


  • Good for solo travellers


  • No problem in finding someone to head out for dinner


  • Peace of mind


Whatever option you choose, it is time to note that hostels near Greeceare known for safe environments. Though they ensure physical safety, it is better to keep your things under lock and key.


It is a good habit to lock up your things at the time of leaving the room. Also, you must not commit the mistake of flashing any valuable item at the time of hanging out in the dormitory room.


Make A Probable Choice


If you are in a position to get on better with people belonging to same sex, then better opt for same-sex dormitories. Making new friends is a great highlight of travel experience. Better go with that option that will make you feel comfortable.




There is not much difference between mixed dorms and same-sex dorms. Little bit of stereotypes exist, but are adjustable. Better take time and discover the best option that will do wonders. Trying both on an experimental basis will be the best option.

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