Why Is Project Management Risk Assessment Important To Project Success?

Do you have a business which works on risky projects? Are you planning to generate extra revenues through your project? Do you want to protect your project from harmful effects of social, cultural, financial, environmental and other related risks? If Yes is your answer, then it is important to make sure that you perform risk management. In this current scenario of tough competition and poor economic conditions, organisations of all types small, medium and large are facing various types of risks. Although the extent of these risks may vary depending on the type of organisation in general, risks affect the productivity of your project. Risk management is often the first and one of the best ways to remain safe from the adverse effects of project risks.

What Is Risk & Need Of Project Management Risk Assessment?

As in definition, the risk is defined as the unwanted situation or event that can lead to the failure of the project. There are many types of risks such as financial, social, political, cultural, environmental etc. and all these risks can be controlled with the help of risk management. Risk management is an essential part of project management and Project Management Risk Assessment is an approach in which we can explore, analyse, identify and mitigate the risks that are affecting our project. Risk management is an action plan that consists of a wide range of steps which are performed to ensure the removal of risks and if performed efficiently, risk management leads to the success of your project.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), it is estimated that one-third of all the workplace injuries are the result of incorrect or poor manual handling. Particularly, across the industries that deals with manual handling tasks include heavy lifting and moving, appropriate manual handling procedures must always adhere to because if any of these tasks are not performed correctly the risk of injury at the workplace is increased significantly. So, if you want to reduce the risk of injury and prevent from incorrect manual handling then we recommend a Manual Handling Risk Assessment particularly for those industries which involve the lifting of heavy loads.

Main & Associates is the well established and most reputable company that have many years of experience helping a wide range of industries small, medium and large organisations manage safety within the workplace. Our team of highly trained specialists can assist you with training your staff in the correct manual handling techniques and you can trust us to safeguard your entire business. Main & Associates are the experts in the Occupational Health and Safety Australia and we offer innovative solutions that are designed to ensure your business meet with all the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) requirements. So, if you want any OHS advice for your business then please contact us today.

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