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Madden co-creator wins $11 million in lawsuit

Robin Antonick, one of the the original creators of the Madden NFL Football games, won an $11 million per year settlement against Electronic Arts yesterday after a U.S. District Court said EA owes him

EA loses $11 million in 'Madden' lawsuit

Today, July 23, 2013 a jury awarded Robin Antonick, the lead designer of Madden's first title $11 million dollars. EA tried unsuccessfully to have the case dismissed a few times since Antonick first f

Rockstar Games Registers, 'Agent' Trademarks

The ip many thought to have disappeared to into the empty void of the virtual world shows signs of life. We don’t know much, but like any tight lipped title, we’ll take anything we can get. Accordi

Review: 'Dynasty Warriors 8' (Photos)

Dynasty Warriors 8 Developer: Omega ForcePublisher: Koei TecmoPlatform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360Genre: Hack and Slash/ActionRating: TeenRelease Date: July 16, 2013 Dynasty Warriors 8 is a story w

Gran Turismo and Forza series comparison

As this generation closes out, it's safe to say there is enough evidence to support both the Forza and Gran Turismo series as the top console racing simulations. Both have a large fan base who have be