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Tales from Day One of the Chicago Yarn Crawl

One of the perks of being the Chicago Knitting Examiner is that I have the chance to form great relationships with small businesses close to my topic, and help them share information and resources wit

August 2013 Release Schedule (Nintendo)

8/1 - Cloudberry Kindgom (Wii U) 8/4 - Pikmin 3 (Wii U) 8/6 - Disney Planes (DS, 3DS, Wii, Wii U) 8/8 - Steamworld Dig (3DS) 8/11 - Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (3DS) 8/13 - Rune Factory 4

Everquest Next Revealed (Video)

The next Everquest has been teased for a while even as far as MMORPG.com giving it their game of show at E3. Today, August 2nd, Sony Online Entertainment officially unveiled Everquest Next. The game s

Square Enix: "...we have to change too."

Phil Rogers the new CEO for Square Enix in the Americas and Europe posted a blog on the official Square Enix blog yesterday, August 1st. He comments about Square Enix's choices in the Americas and Eur

Rise of the Triad 2013 review (Photos)

Rise of the Triad 2013 edition is a first person shooter released for PC on July 31st, 2013. It is a remake of the original 1995 classic. The story remains the same as the original, but the question i