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Without any doubt, a beautiful and organized home can uplift your mood and set the stage for happy and joyous years ahead. After all, who amongst us does not like to have a magnificent and wonderful h


If you are limited with space in your refrigerator you will need to organize it to get the most out of it. Proper organization will help you use everything you buy and minimize your wastage. This will

Precautionary Tree Removal

There are many reasons why a homeowner will decide to trim, prune or remove an overgrown tree, branches or drying foliage in their yard; whatever reason you may have, none is more important than safet

How to Update Your Outdoor Kitchen

If you are a fan of outdoor living as and when the weather permits, there are all chances that have an outdoor kitchen; this is one of the best ways to utilize outdoor living spaces and having an extr

What to Do with Herbs

Getting from the aromatic plant in the garden to the home made health or beauty product involves a couple of preliminary steps - preserving the herbs for long term storage and transferring their activ

Harvesting Rain Water

Harvesting the rain doesn’t stop at installing rain barrels, it involves the entire garden and its principal goal is to keep the water from running off the plot onto paved areas, only to eventually en

Country Garden Favorites

The country garden relies on scent just as much as it does on color and texture. Gertrude Jekyll popularized this garden design, praising the care free style of cottage perennials. Old country favor

Magic Beans

If I knew how much I would enjoy purple beans, I would only have planted those to begin with. Besides being an attractive feature in the garden, they taste better and are not stringy at all, which is

Achenes, capsules, pods and pomes

Here is next year's garden, well, at least part of it, anyway. The seeds will go into labeled little bags and wait for spring. The peppercorn look-alikes are four o'clock seeds, the tiny grains spilli