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Best cost effective horse fly prevention

Fly Spray with vinegar recipe 4 oz Avon Skin-So-Soft - Original Formula & Bug Guard12 oz vinegar12 oz water Pour ingredients into an empty, clean, dry spray bottle and shake spray bottle well be

Simple cooking for your dog

Cooking for your dog is easy and does not have to be inconvenient. Keep things simple and remember balance over time. For this fast and easy recipe, I took items I was using for my own dinner and inco

Montgomery County SPCA robbed

The Montgomery County SPCA in Amsterdam was robbed of over $1000 last Monday night. According to an investigator with the sheriff's department, employees told them a front window was ajar and when the

Housetraining tips for pups

New pets can be fun and exciting. Getting to know them, establishing a bond, setting up routines all take work on both the pet’s and the owner’s parts. One of the more necessary and urgent tasks is ho

Seattle police dog finds four stolen pizzas

On Friday, August 2, KOMO 4 News reported that a Seattle Police K9 helped solve a theft involving four pizzas. According to KOMO, a pizza delivery driver called 911 reporting that someone had just